We are Explizit Environment

Explizit Environment is a dedicated chemical management partner with over 25 years of experience in the chemical field. We serve over 100 groups and about 400 unique corporate customers around the world. Our customers are in the machine manufacturing, energy, forest & paper, food, steel & metal, electronics and automotive industries etc.

Our offices are located in Skellefteå, Malmö and Gothenburg.

The Explizit-developed system, Chemsoft, is a global web-based chemical management system that currently exists in a total of 19 countries and is used by over 1 million users.

We want to help our customers:
* Secure control and control over chemical handling
* Deliver IT support in the form of Chemsoft for the chemical handling
* Review and quality assure when introducing and / or updating chemicals
* Meet and stay ahead of global and national laws and regulations
* Minimize risks related to chemicals and create a safer work environment
* Phase out and replace hazardous chemicals
* Secure and optimize the purchase of chemicals
* Market the results of a proactive chemical management work

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   We increase our customers’ competitiveness and contribute to a better world
   by reducing the use of hazardous chemicals.