Chemsoft as Web Service

► The software and database are available as a web service / cloud service.
► The database has secure backup and Chemsoft is always updated to the latest version.
► Available for an unlimited number of users and sites.
► Chemical information in the database comes from the registered safety data sheets in the database.
► The information is updated in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Chemsoft compliance capabilities

► Register of chemical products
► Database with safety data sheets
► Risk assessments of health, environment and safety
► Searching / filtering that provides hits on restriction lists
► Chemical reports
► Labels for chemicals

Chemsoft Workflow for Product Application & Review

► Electronic application form when applying for a new chemical
► Workflow for reviewing and approving new chemicals

Review Service

► Continuous review service for all new chemicals, and all chemical updates. Analyzes of new applications and updates throughout the organization according to the criteria of the recommended standards.
► The review results will be available in the system.

Customer support

Accessibility 24/7 to Explizit’s Customer Portal, where questions from users can be asked and system errors reported.
► Phone support and email normal working hours. (8.00-17.00)
► Customer support phone no: +46 (0)10 709 90 43

Annual CPI Report

► Products with hazard levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 / number of products
► Number of products with substances on REACH restriction lists and SIN list.
► Total number of products
► The number of unique products
► Proportion of products that are risk-assessed
► All CPIs are reported on a global level. CPIs at more detailed levels can be provided as an additional service.

Multiple Languages ​​

► Chemsoft offers several language modules. Chemsoft is equipped with language modules according to price specification.
► Additional languages ​​can be added under Prices in the agreement.

Chemical Helpdesk

► Customer service for questions regarding chemical legislation. The customer appoints a coordinator who sends the questions in writing to the Chemical Helpdesk. Explizit answers the questions (up to 4 questions per month) that require a maximum of 30 minutes each. Should a question require longer evaluation, Explizit will provide an additional price quote. The questions are asked and answered in English or Swedish.