Review service

In Chemsoft there is a function for applying and reviewing chemicals.
If you need to buy or use new chemicals, we can take over and carry out your entire inspection work for you. We can also design and produce the guidelines and criteria that you want to follow. It may be that you do not want products in your business with a specific substance or products that occur on certain subject lists. Perhaps you want to get an opinion on chemical products that contain risk-reducing substances, phase-out substances etc.

Risk assessment

We can carry out your risk assessments for you according to the Environmental legislation and the work environment regulations.
On site or at a distance. We can take over the entire risk assessment work. We can also be a sounding board, support or be involved via Skype when you carry out the risk assessments. Or you provide us with the management information and we risk asses accordingly. Then you finally approve them.

Product selection / substitution

Explizit’s chemical consultants help you choose the best product from a health and environmental perspective. This applies both to your existing products or if you intend to bring in new products in your business.

Safety data sheets

Do you produce your own chemical products? Do you need to translate safety data sheets into other languages and countries’ legislation? Maybe even outside the EU?
Explizit’s chemical consultants help you create, update and translate safety data sheets.
We can handle all languages and countries’ laws.
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Chemical Round

Explizit’s chemical consultants carry out chemical rounds on site according to AFS 2011: 19, which includes a review of the storage and handling of chemicals in your business. The outcome of the chemical round is a report that shows: Legal requirements, observation and proposed action.


Explizit’s chemical consultants visit your workplace and inventory your chemicals. The result after the inventory is a complete chemical listing containing which chemicals are used in your business and where they are used.

GAP Assay

A GAP analysis involves identifying the gap between how it currently appears in your business, and where you want to reach. Explizit’s chemical consultants carry out the analysis in your business. The GAP analysis generates a report on the various steps that must be carried out in order to achieve set goals regarding your chemical handling. The GAP analysis is adapted to your needs.

System Integrations

Chemsoft can be integrated with other types of systems. Purchase, maintenance or storage system. The integrations enable, for example, automatic updating of consumption in Chemsoft. Another example is that service personnel automatically have access to the current protection sheet directly from the maintenance system, when taking out work orders etc.


Explizit’s chemical consultants can extract reports of various kinds over your chemical work. These reports can then also be presented to, for example, the management team. The reports can form the basis for strategies for your future chemical work, and for measuring your success in the chemical work.