100+ years of experience – at your service

We are experts in chemical management and help our clients to measure and manage the use of chemicals. We deliver compliance monitoring, SDS-authoring, support for non-toxic product design…

Ever since 1993 Explizit has worked with organisations to ensure that chemical management is compliant, sustainable and cost-effective. Our experienced team of experts is the best partner you can get to take on your strategic and operational chemical challenges.

We act as a guide for our clients to reduce the number of chemicals, identify chemicals of concern and help to decide what chemicals to substitute and how. As a result, our clients have achieved both a more sustainable use of chemicals and a reduction of costs.


From day-to-day tasks to strategic service

  • Assessment and approval of new chemicals
  • Risk assessments
  • Organisation and routines for chemical management
  • Substitution analysis and alternatives assessment
  • Compliance monitoring
  • KPIs and objectives for the use of chemicals
  • Approval of contractor chemicals
  • Authoring of Safety Data Sheets
  • Training, read more here