Training for every part of your organisation

It seems to be a never-ending stream of new regulations and customer demands when it comes to chemicals. Explizit leads open traOining courses as well as company-specific training addressing a broad spectrum of chemical management subject matters.

Designed by our experts, our training courses can be tailored meeting your challenges, arming you with reality-based skills. Sharing our clients’ experience in many different industries translates to knowledge and methodologies dealing with the changing regulations and customer demands.

We educate your chemical management team, your managers and your employees within the following subject matter areas:

  • Chemical Management Strategies
  • Existing and Upcoming Chemical Regulations
  • Phase-out and Substitution of Chemicals and Materials
  • Non-toxic Product Development
  • How to Manage Chemicals in the Supply Chain
  • Any other issue related to Chemical Management
  • Risk Assessment of Chemical Risks.
  • Safe handling of Chemicals


Learn from the best in Chemical Management

We are on top of the latest trends and regulations. Our experts have more than 20 years of chemical management experience.
Our professional consultants train our clients or their suppliers in chemical management and chemical regulations. We teach strategies for substitution of hazardous chemicals.