At Explizit, we strive to be specialists to select markets via our knowledge of the companies, the people and the industry regulations that are necessary to create a more sustainable future.

Application Partnership

Application PartnershipApplication Partnership secures and develops your applications for full functionality and continuity, from development to operation.

We work with your organisation in focus and develop solutions that deliver – today and tomorrow.

Booking & Planning

Booking & Planning specialises in niche booking solutions with advanced requirements on the user interface, special login, payment flows, integration with other systems – everything so that  reservations can be administered in a smart intuitive and effective manner.

Chemicals Management

Chemicals Management Chemicals Management will help you and your business to contribute to a better world and give you simultaneously increased competitiveness.


Design & Development

Design & Development develops functional, useful IT solutions that enhance operations, delivered on time, keeping costs and working as it was intended – or even better.

The most essential component is the ability to understand what requirements the solution should live up to. Thus begins our project to develop a detailed specification of the challenges we must solve.



eGovernmentdevelops smart and effective solutions for utilities in the public sector.

We envision support for society, public services and citizens and involve everything from contact with authorities, new opportunities to book venues, IT services directed to schools, health care, the services of district heating and chimney sweeping.

Selected Customers

We are proud to have satisfied customers. Our customers appreciate the way we understand the context, understand the needs and come up with solutions. Explizit offers so much more than just a product or service. Today we have over 800 amazing clients who benefit from our IT solutions. Here are some of them.


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