Do you want to simplify and improve the bookings of your premises, facilities, equipment and services? Are you required to publish bookable times and services so that your customers can book these themselves? Then Adoxa is the perfect solution for your business or organisation.

Adoxa has been Adapted to suit various industrial and organisational needs. Obviously, new additions and updates can be managed to suit your needs best.


  • No doublebookings
  • Simple and Comprehensible booking


  • Integration with Outlook, Active Directory
  • Personalized and Adapted to your business needs.


  • Mobile-Friendly
  • SMS-reminders


  • Statistics
  • Comprehensive reports

You can find more about our adaption of Adoxa for the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm:

Adoxa Embassy

adoxa- ett flexibelt bokningssystem

Fredrik Bergqvist, +46(0)70 668 99 80