The Embassy staff can organise which times are available for a meeting about Passport application, which can be found and booked directly by the citizens themselves on the Embassy’s own website.

Customer Story, Norwegian Embassy

Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm has services such as Passport application, application for residence permits, etc. which are planned and booked in Adoxa. A lot of staff time was spent answering the phone and making appointments for customers with handwritten reservation lists.

Adoxa has enabled us to spend our time helping our customers more effectively and the publishing tool enables us to decide which activities and times that our customers can book through Adoxa.”
“Portal is incredibly good”, says Heddy Motzfeldt Hedstrom Consul at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm.

Adoxa – Portal is available to customers via the embassy’s own website and is naturally adapted to the look of the embasy website. “For us, it is obvious that Adoxa – Portal can easily be adapted to our customers’ websites colours and fonts,” says Fredrik Bergqvist product owner at Explizit.