At Explizit Solutions you will find consultants with many years of experience in specific, industry-wide areas. Today, we offer the following consulting services:
• IT strategist
• Architects: IT infrastructure, application
• Developer: System, App, Web
• Integrators: Architecture and development
• Project manager
• Mentors
• Requirements analyst
• Interaction designer / Graphic designer / UX
• Process mapping / Process developer
• Business development and change management


All organizations need functional, useful IT solutions that lift the business. Delivered on time, keeps cost and works as intended – or even better.

The single most important component in developing useful systems for a business is the ability to understand what requirements the solution should live up to. Therefore, our projects starts with the development of a detailed specification of the challenges we will solve.

Explizit Solutions has extensive experience in system development within everything from architecture and database design to system-related and hardware-related programming. Such as manufacturing a communication component in an integration project, optimizing a database, manufacturing a presentation web or setting up a completely new system from scratch. Most of our system development takes place on the .NET platform, but we also have experience and knowledge in a number of other platforms, development tools and databases. In addition to system development, we also offer consulting services within business analysis, project management, technical advice and business and product development.

Our customers come from Industry, Telecom and Public Service. We have very high ratings on our customer surveys, something we are happy about. It is proof that we have succeeded, and at the same time your best guarantee that your project will also be a success.

Fredrik Bergqvist
Fredrik Bergqvist
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Sara Lindahl
Sara Lindahl
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To be an obvious partner for business efficiency, advanced system development and management.
Our expertise in modern communication and integration often determines the deal to our advantage.